Exceptional Cocktail Recipes from Mortlach

22 March 2023
Mortlach 20 Year Old Old Fashioned
Mortlach, colloquially known as the Beast of Dufftown, is renowned for producing a rich and heavy spirit. Left to sit in sherry casks for two decades, the 20 Year Old is a true old-fashioned Scotch whisky: dried fruits, baked apples, Christmas spices and oaky notes. It’s what many whisky drinkers consider to be the quintessential flavor profile. Bottled at 43.4% ABV, it’s ripe for both experienced drinkers and a wider audience.

This Old Fashioned recipe amplifies the whisky’s sweetness with a bit of sugar and black cherry bitters. A dash of water (according to taste) helps bring out the whisky’s complex profile. Gunn says: “The rich intensity of Mortlach 20 Year Old stirred down in a classic Old Fashioned is an indulgent and delightfully decadent way to create an Exceptional Moment this festive season”

-Large cube of ice
-Dash of water
-1 tsp sugar
-50ml Mortlach 20 Year Old
-2 dashes black cherry bitters
-1 cherry
-1 twist of orange


Add the sugar, bitters, and water to a mixing glass and muddle until the sugar dissolves. Add some ice and the Mortlach 20 Year Old, stirring for a few minutes. Strain into a rocks glass with the large block of ice and garnish with a cherry and a twist of orange.