Bulldog London Dry Gin

  • RM259.00

Barcode: 897076002003
Branch Quantity
Sunway Pyramid 0
The Starhill Bukit Bintang 3
Country: England
Type: London Dry Gin
Alcohol Level: 40.0%
Bottle Size: 750ml
Bulldog Gin begins as a triple distilled neutral grain spirit, crafted using only the finest British wheat and water. 12 carefully selected exotic botanicals are then added during the fourth distillation creating a smooth, well balanced London Dry Gin.

The citrus base of lemon and coriander gives way to warming liquorice spices, followed by the floral freshness of dragon eye, lotus leaf and white poppy. These final three botanicals are entirely unique to Bulldog Gin, specifically sourced after multiple combination tests to create a distinct and versatile liquid.

Infused with a seductive merge of natural botanical such as Dragon Eye, Poppy and Lotus leaves,
making for a very aromatic gin. Spicy, on the palate you will find cinnamon, cardamom and citrus leaving you with a warm finish.
Ideal for a dry martini.